Friday, September 30, 2016


Super-pretty wooden arrival hall at main station 
I have a layover of almost 5 hours, so I planned for taking the train from the airport the city center and have breakfast in Copenhagen. The train ride takes about 15 minutes. Trains run every 20 minutes.

The train from the airport. There are no longer direct trains to Sweden/Malmo due to the refugee situation. For travel to Sweden passports are being checked at the airport station.

I grabbed some danish (hah!) at Andersen's Bakery next to Tivoli across from the main station and walked towards the city center.

Town Hall 

Morning sun at Christiansborg Slotsplatz 
Borsen (the old stock exchange)

Nyhavn is an inlet with lots of pretty, colorful houses. This is as far as I got on my walk. 

I misestimated how far away the Little Mermaid is from the main station, so I took the metro from Kongens Nytorv to Norreport Station and headed back to the main station. Several trains ran late, so I got to take a few more photos here.

The airport train has arrived. Back to the airport we go!

I'm  now in the transit hall and head down to the gate. Boarding starts in 15 minutes.

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