Friday, September 30, 2016


I didn't make it to the Little Mermaid, but they have a replica in the transit hall at the airport. Not quite the surroundings of the real thing, but better than nothing...

As we boarded, they were still fueling the plane.

Row 30 seat F on flight SK 935. Not quite as generous as seat A in the same row on the inbound flight. There is also an aisle offset as the seating transitions from SAS Plus to SAS Economy, which creates awkward navigating challenges for the food cars, and I was always a bit worried about people walking by when I had drinks on my table. Overall, while this seat still has a lot of space, it's not quite as nice as the window seats in the same row.

Food also fell off a bit compared to the inbound flight. The main meal after take-off was good on both flights (love the fresh buns!), though I enjoyed the breakfast much more than the heated tomato/red peppers/dough thingy we got today.
I picked up the car at the airport and made it home alive in Silicon Valley commute hours traffic. It took me "only" 2 hours to go from SFO to south San Jose. After a couple hours with the kids and dinner, I crashed at 8pm after being awake for almost 26 hours with only a couple "power naps" in-between.

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