Thursday, September 22, 2016

Switching in Fichtenberg

When I caught up to the train in Fichtenberg, 294 861 was completing the runaround move to get to the other end of the train it brought up here.
Cargonautus lists the schedules for various freight operations around Germany, including the Murrbahn. According to that site train 56151 operates each workday.
  • Stuttgart Hafen   dep 12:20
  • Sulzbach   arr 13:08  dep 14:05
  • Murrhardt  arr 14:15  dep 14:35
  • Fichtenberg  arr 14:53
The return trip is train 55154:
  • Fichtenberg  dep 16:07
  • Murrhardt  arr 16:18  dep 16:25
  • Sulzbach  arr 16:34  dep 16:49
  • Stuttgart Hafen  arr 17:39
Those times are generous and likely not quite accurate for today's schedule. The train runs on Saturdays, too, but leaves Stuttgart Hafen already at 6:49 arriving in Fichtenberg at 7:58, with the return trip an hour later.
294 861 on track 1 completing the runaround move
Fichtenberg has only 3 tracks. Track 1 is the house track next to the station building. Track 2 is the main through track, and track 3 a siding with the turnout to Scholz Recycling. Scholz Recycling has a massive metal wall separating the recycling yard from the station area.

Peeking into Scholz Recycling Yard
294 861 has coupled to the cars
294 861 pulls the cars onto the main track beyond the turnouts. 
Coming off the main track into track 3.
Note the little black box used by the Rangierfuehrer. The whole operation is done by one person. He brought the train to Fichtenberg, and does all the switching controlling the locomotive remotely.

Shoving cars ...
Track 3, the cars are pushed past the Scholz turnout. 
Back up past the turnout and throw the switch to the industry track 
Backing into the industry to pick up two cars
Couple cars
Insert car routing paperwork
Call the tower for clearance for the return move to track 1
Off we go 
Incoming cars delivered, outgoing cars picked up. The plant switcher will move the new cars into the industry for loading.
Pull out onto the main track
Call the tower to throw the turnouts
Coming back to track 1
Train is parked next to the tower. The Rangierfuehrer goes inside to finish up paperwork (I guess)
This whole operation, a really simple move, took almost 45 minutes in elapsed time. Mostly because of the coordination needed to get across the main track, time needed to walk the train, apply brakes, test brakes, attach paper work, etc. Most of these we tend to ignore when performing switching moves on a model railroad.

Before heading home, the train needs to wait for two passenger trains.
RE 19960 bound for Stuttgart pulls into Fichtenberg with 111 167 leading. 
RE 19960 will meet RE 19919 in Fornsbach. While we wait, I take a few more photos of 294 861.

RE 19919 arriving in Fichtenberg. This train will terminate in Nuernberg almost two hours later.
Finally 294 861 gets Hp2 to run south, next scheduled stop in Murrhardt.

Bye, bye.

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