Sunday, October 22, 2017


No problems at arrival and immigration in Paris. It was reasonably fast and I had more time than last time to get to the gate for my connecting flight.

At CDG they use these neat pushers that cradle the front-wheel of the plane, instead of using a metal pole hooked to the landing gear.

Arrival at Munich. Fastest time ever from seat to walking through customs, just over 5 minutes, and that included taking pictures. My suitcase was the first piece of luggage on the baggage belt.

Walking to the S-Bahn takes a while, though. To make this more fun, the S-Bahn tunnel through the city ("Stammstrecke") is closed for maintenance this weekend. No big deal: I take the S-Bahn to Hauptbahnhof, and then the tram to the hotel, instead of getting off at Hackerbruecke.

Hauptbahnhof was packed with people, and S-Bahnen.

As I walk out to Arnulfstrasse on the north side of the station, I notice that there is more construction and the tram doesn't run between Hauptbahnhof and Donnersberger Bruecke either. The bus alternate just pulled out from the stop, so I decided to follow the masses and walk, too. Not too bad. It was less than a mile, and I got some fresh air to wake me up.

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