Saturday, October 28, 2017

Munich: BMW and Olympiapark

We took the U-Bahn out to Olympiazentrum and walked over to the BMW Museum. Neither one of us is a real freak about cars, but nevertheless this was interesting and the museum is doing a good job placing the fascination of technology and fast cars in historical context. The BMW Marketing department was maybe a bit overly involved in writing the descriptions of the exhibits

Transparent walls with backlighting add to the futuristic atmosphere of the museum.

The Isetta exhibit was lovingly done with  pictures and audio stories of (former) Isetta owners.

The Elvis Presley love affair with a German woman and German engineering has a special spot near the exit.

Since we went through the museum faster than I expected, we headed over to the Olympiapark and its unique architecture.

3 Euros gets you a visitor pass to the inside of the stadium. We could have gone zip lining across the field, too, but decided to pass.

I love the construction of the roof.

The wind made the visit both adventurous and uncomfortable. "Herwart" was about to cause mayhem all over Germany in the coming night.

Dinner was excellent at Piacere Nuovo, finished off with an amazing Tiramisu.

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Patricia said...

Der Isetta ist suess :-)