Sunday, October 29, 2017

Munich: Sunday Evening

At the Bavarian Hunting and Fishing Museum we were greeted by this friendly fox. The museum was closed already, so we headed over to the Frauenkirche, where we managed to visit during church service. Out of the 4 churches we visited this weekend, there were ongoing services in 3 during our visit.

I love the clean lines of gothic churches. Frauenkirche didn't disappoint.

Ready for dinner!

Marienplatz at night. Now with people.

I saw these musicians on Friday, too. They played well-known classical pieces. Very good.

It was cold. At Stachus we hit the S-Bahn, went back to the hotel, and called it a day.

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Patricia said...

Und da sage noch einer, keiner geht mehr in die Kirche