Monday, October 30, 2017


We've arrived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, dropped off our luggage at the hotel, and walked along the Partnach towards Partnachklamm.

Partnachklamm is a very narrow canyon cut into the soft stone by the river Partnach. A pathway was built a hundred years ago to help with navigating firewood through the narrows and later maintained for tourism.

The Klamm is very impressive. The walls of the canyon are very narrow, the river is flowing fast, and the path is blasted into the rock, often as a gallery or unlighted tunnels. Water often drips from above.

On the upper side of the Klamm, people had built towers from river stones.

Of course Pascal added a tower with his own flavor.

Once we were done with our towers, we headed back through the Klamm.

At the entrance there's a path to Eiserne Bruecke (Iron Bridge) "for experienced hikers only". Challenge accepted. Yep, he path is very steep and mostly consists of stairs, but it's very manageable. I had much worse before.

The view from Eiserne Bruecke down into the Klamm is very pretty.

From Eiserne Bruecke we hiked up to Graseck. We skipped the aerial tramway from Graseck into the valley and chose to walk down.

The road back down to the river is ridiculously steep. Some divine thanks are in order when you make it up, or before going down.

On the way back to the hotel with stopped at Olympia Skistadion with the Grosse Olympiaschanze, which features prominently at New Years during the Vierschanzentournee (Four Hills Tournament). After all of today's walking and climbing we decided not to bother with going up this hill.


Patricia said...

Wow, das sieht cool aus!
Und bitte, bitte sag mir, dass Du nicht grade neben Pascal stehst! Der ist ja schon wieder gewachsen!

Bernhard Beck said...

Natuerlich stehe ich auf einer Stufe, so dass ich groesser bin als er.