Saturday, April 28, 2018

Silicon Valley Lines: April Ops Session

Train 801 in Cavenaugh, a layout section that is currently being remodeled
Franziska joined me for today's Saturday Ops session at Silicon Valley Lines. Our first assignment was train 801 from Bayshore to Nowheres, one of the first trains out on the layout. It was a smooth ride until Jacksonville, where we had to wait for an opposing train, and helper service to get our 28-car train up the loop to Nowheres.

We've arrived in Jacksonville. Now we get to wait for train 802 and the helper.
It took train 802 some time to get out of the yard, the helper cut in, and come down the loop. Franziska used the time to inspect the Jacksonville modules.

Eventually, we had our meet with 802, cut in the helper, and continued our journey to Nowheres.

Train 802 rounds the bend in Jericho
We ran the Ashgrove Quarry Switcher, helped organize Bayshore Yard, and settled down for lunch. After lunch we ran train 320 from Nowheres to Silicon, which kept us busy with a bunch of switching work in Silicon and Paso.

Train 320 coming through Paso at track speed
Arrival in Silicon, passing the new entertainment district at Vampire's Rest.
Yardmaster Wayne and engineer BobS work in Nowheres
Once again an enjoyable and laid back ops session in friendly company.

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