Thursday, August 16, 2018

I do ride occasionally

Due to a late meeting I missed my bus connection tonight and ended up taking Caltrain home. Train #264 arrived in Mountain View 3 minutes late, i.e. basically on time. I had a choice to wait in Mountain View for #268 which would take me down to Blossom Hill, or change trains in San Jose. San Jose has more variety of traffic, so I took #264 down to Diridon station and hung out on the platform until it was time to catch #268 for the ride home.

I have not transferred between trains in San Jose for a while and did not expect that south-bound trains are now leaving from the newly built platform 6 that opened several years ago.
I ended up asking a conductor who looked at me funny when I said that the Gilroy train normally leaves from track 5, no?
"Uh, no sir, it's been leaving from track 6 for quite some time now." 
Right. That was 15 years ago, when I was commuting to South San Francisco, before Caltrain introduced the Baby Bullet service ...

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