Friday, August 31, 2018

Test run

I've set up the portable command station in the office. Works as intended.
However, I'm having trouble connecting the NCE AIU to the NCE cab bus so that train detection works properly. JMRI sees the feedback from the AIU, but sensors don't change state when the board LEDs indicate a train. More debugging needed.

Now that I had some time to think about this ... I believe I merely used the wrong sensor numbers. It's not NS0 - NS13, but rather NS48 - NS61. I have the AIU on cab ID=4, and the sensor IDs are calculatd as (cab ID - 1) * 16 + input - 1. I'll check this out when I'm back in the office after the long weekend.

As a side-note, NCE AIU is supported with the NCE USB interface version 7 when used with PowerCab version 1.65 or higher.

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