Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Kayaking on Monterey Bay

As part of a work event I went kayaking on Monterey Bay. It was a beautiful day along the shore line. We saw plenty of otters, sea lions, harbor seals, and tons of birds. We started in Monterey harbor and paddled around the breakwater along the shoreline towards the aquarium.

Several otters were quite active in the kelp beds close to shore. We passed them on the ocean side, so the background in the photo below is not particularly appealing, yet typical for this section of the coast.

I loved how the cormorants hang out on the rocks right next to a few harbor seals.

As usual, Hopkins Research Station was the turn-around point for our group.

More cormorants. Once again, a smart phone is not a good camera for wildlife photography.

More otters. Most sea otter encounters looked more like this, rather than the first otter picture.

Sea lions and birds on the breakwater.

We were a fast group and had some spare time, so we paddled around some more inside the harbor.

Kelp beds from the shore. What a nice afternoon.

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