Sunday, August 19, 2018

Making the Mobile Station portable

Despite its name, Maerklin's Mobile Station is anything but. It's hard-wired to the track control box which is hard-wired to the track. I'm using the Mobile Station primarily to program MFX locomotives at the work bench, but on occasion I can see myself taking it somewhere else, or wanting to run a diorama style layout.
Also, since I don't really have a permanent work area everything is portable. Hence the Mobile Station and track connection box need to be portable, too.

I picked up a small tool case at Harbor Freight and mounted the track box inside. The layout connection is terminated on a RCA plug. The Mobile Station and power supply neatly fit inside the padded case.

To test locomotives, or in the future run trains, I plug a modified RCA cable into the socket, and use clamps to hook it to the track. Plug in the power supply, grab the Mobile Station and we're ready to go. When I'm done for the day, I unplug the power supply, and store it with the Mobile Station in the tool case, while the RCA cable can remain connected to the roller stand unless I need to put everything away.

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