Sunday, December 27, 2020

Piko 59311: Talent 2 in bwegt design (2)

BR442 Talent 2 on the Welztalbahn
The built-in Piko decoder is not particularly good. It's supposed to support MFX, but I couldn't get it recognized on the Mobile Station II. The motor control is sub-par leading to a very grumbly motor. I wanted sound with the model, and Piko offers an extension module with speaker that plugs into the SUSI port on the decoder. However, that module costs only slightly less than a new Loksound 5.0, so I ordered a Loksound 5.0 with NEM 652 plug instead. 

Programming on the roller stand
I should have ordered the Loksound 5.0 Micro instead, since the regular Loksound 5.0 just barely doesn't fit into the decoder department and is about two millimeters too high, so that the compartment can't be closed . I "fixed" that problem by fitting a piece of styrene over the opening and hold it in place with Kapton tape.

Update 2020/12/29:
I've learned in the meantime that the NEM 652 plug of the Loksound 5.0 micro doesn't fit on the socket of the model, and can't be modified like I did on the Loksound 5.0 plug. There might be a way to fix this, but it requires disassembly of the model. I might take a stab at making more room for my Loksound 5.0 at a later time if and when I have to take the model apart completely to install interior lighting.

Not pretty, but functional and invisible
As it goes with modern electrics, the operating sounds are not too exciting, but capture the atmosphere of the prototype really well.

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