Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Slim Staging: Storage Cover

A couple years ago I found some double-corrugated signs in the trash at work. I figured this material should be useful for ... something more appropriate than boring signs. And it was.

One of the signs now came in handy to make a cover for Slim Staging. The module itself is 10" wide. The sides add a bit more, so I cut the cover pieces 11" wide to allow for some slop.

I needed three pieces to cover the length of the module, with one piece a bit shorter than the others. After test-fitting on the module, I used hot-glue to add guides on the underside of the cover.

A small cardboard box holds the power supply, the panel for the turnouts, and other small parts for the module. I added spacers to the cover so that the box can't move around when the module is transported.

All done. Time to put Slim Staging back into storage for now.

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