Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Emsingen: Platform Renewal

On the Welztalbahn I picked up from where I left of in November. Today's project was rebuilding the platform for track 1 in front of the station building. I removed the old plaster / sand cover and fitted a sheet of Evergreen tiles instead.

A fun part of this section is fitting and building the crossing to the track 2 platform, as well as working around the turnout lever. I spray painted the styrene sheet with Tamiya Primer, which to my surprise turned out a bit darker than before. Some weathering should help hide the difference.

I started building the platform edge replicating the original method used in Emsingen five years ago. Next I added to the foundation of the shed just kept going all the way over to the railroad crossing hiding away the edge of the city segment.

Both the station segment and the city segment remain removable, though it will be a somewhat of a pain to take either one out.

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