Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Moving along

Working off the to-do list, I removed the track embedded in Homasote in the rear of the benchwork. This is the very last remaining bit of trackage from the former Hallelujah Industrial area. Originally I left the track in place because it was not easy to remove, and planned to use it as backstop for the paper machine building. However, that idea didn't quite work out and the building ended up on top of the track instead of in front. Once I made the decision it was gone quickly.

Since I had to remove all buildings I used the opportunity and glued down ground cover around the building foot prints. I want to keep the buildings removable, but also hide the gap along the bottom edge as much as possible. Creating a ground edge with some fine sand helps.

Along with some more ground cover, I did more work on unsticking a stuck turnout, and I think I got it back to normal now. Rail on the north end of the paper mill yard got painted, too.

Finally, since most buildings were off, I started laying out where streets will go and made templates from newspaper.

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