Saturday, August 19, 2017

FREMO Sontheim 2017 - Strassenbahn

A HO tram arrangement with lots of different narrow and standard gauge tram cars was set up. The schedule was rather dense on a sheet of paper and described a complete shift, often with different routes involved, so the operator had to pay attention to the time and where their next run was supposed to go to.

The tram arrangement was connected to the HO-RE arrangement, so there was opportunity for freight exchange and delivery at Posten 149. Whenever the arms came down at the railroad crossing, operators knew they wouldn't be able to make their stops on time.

At Berliner Platz  I'd take the siding since line 5 has a longer stop here than the other line. Yes, my tram shows line number 2. That's ok, it would be quite messy to change the line numbers on the fly.

Between Berliner Platz and Qwertz-Platz is a large apartment block providing urban flair.

 Here we are on some beautiful modules that nicely capture the post-war architecture of Stuttgart.

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