Saturday, August 19, 2017

FREMO Sontheim 2017 - HO RE

The HO arrangement in Sontheim had plenty of mind blowing details to photograph. Here's a selection of scenes I really liked for one reason or another.

The gravel shed is open to the module edge allowing this interesting view of the brewery in Bad Blaubeeren 
Planting fence poles
Unusual freight
Beautifully done garden plot
For a while I was the Fahrdienstleiter in Kistlmuehl. The touch screen in front drives a very prototypical SpDrs60 Stelltisch implemented with Freiwald's RR&Co. The laptop in the rear was used to run rgzm for train announcements to/from neighboring stations. The phone system was used in addition to rgzm as needed.
The booster boundary is clearly marked
Farm scene
Car cards and waybills in Kistlmuehl
Loading ramp in Bad Blaubeeren
DMU in Bad Blaubeeren
Brewery in Bad Blaubeeren

The Markthalle has a lift gate and cars need to be placed inside
Genius arrangement making it trivially easy to spot cars inside
No guests yet. Is it still too early? 

Small scenes everywhere 
Details galore

Very convincing storage
The FdL office in Kistlmuehl
Kistlmuehl is a large station and could get quite busy with multiple trains arriving, departing, or working the factory 
Throttle storage in Bad Blaubeeren

Loads storage. Loaded cars were loaded. Empty cars were empty. 

The schedule for Windach staging

Set out cars with their respective car cards
Sontheim station in exactly 1:87, no compression.

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