Sunday, August 13, 2017


I hung out in Terminal 2F at CDG dozing off a couple times. The plane is here, my luggage will join me, it would not have made the earlier flight either.

The TGV ads inside the terminal right at the gate are either genius, or madness. It's kind of cool to think about that you can be in Bordeaux in just over 2 hours now by rail, contrary to the almost 5 hours two years ago.
Ad for traveling with TGV trains right at the gate inside the airport terminal
Stepping off the Air France plane with "Au revoir" in Zurich, I'm greeted with a hearty "Grüezi" by the airport staff. I really enjoy the language changes when traveling internationally.

I took S2 from the airport through the new Weinbergtunnel to Zurich HB and on to Bahnhof Enge. No need to change trains at Hauptbahnhof and lug my baggage around.

When I got to the hotel I was pooped, tired, and hungry. I scratched the planned walk through the city. Due to the airport delays, there was no longer a need to try and stay awake until evening.

Dinner on the hotel terrace. Time for bed.

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