Thursday, May 10, 2018

Schwaebische Waldbahn - Steam in Welzheim

Today's steam train made its way from Schorndorf up the hill to Welzheim with 10+ minutes delay. The train is quite long and heavy, so I think the engine had to work extra hard today. Looks like DBK threw every car they have available on this train.
The crew hurried up to uncouple 64 419 in order to draw water at the water column.

The water column is unlocked, ...

... rotated over to the waiting locomotive, ...

... and while the water is flooding into the tanks, the moving parts are checked, and some lubricated.

Ready to head back to the train.

The train included a former post office baggage car. On this train they used it primarily for bicycle transport. I was quite delighted to see such car for real.

As the departure time approached, a heavy rain shower moved through town, and drenched everybody trying to take photos, while "normal" people sought refuge under roofs and trees.

I repositioned to catch this departure photo halfway towards Tannwald.

 The train was composed of several "Silberlinge" (Bn, ABn), a Byl "Mitteleinstiegswagen", a B4ye "Eilzugwagen Bauart 30", and the post office baggage car mentioned earlier.

212 084 (the locomotive from last time) brings up the rear. As far as I know it only powers the train's electrical bus for lights.

As you can tell from the heavy clouds and the ground it was still raining. However, as we drove over to Breitenfuerst, it cleared up, and I could take some more video from the arrival and departure there.

The Cafe was open. Lovely atmosphere, but we opted to have lunch somewhere else this time.

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