Friday, May 25, 2018

Silicon Valley Lines Train 370

One of my assignments at tonight's ops session at Silicon Valley Lines is train #370 the Victoria turn from Nowheres. Since there is no turntable in Victoria, I chose to run tender first on the outbound trip from Nowheres. The weather was nice in Nowheres and the station agent in Tracy reported overcast, but no rain yet.

The beauty of Mt. Nicholls National Monument is stunning every time I come through here. We dropped most of the refrigerated cars in Tracy at the Creamery and made good time to Victoria thanks to being the only train on the line towards Windsor at this time.

Once arrived in Victoria we got track and time for the switching moves at the freight house and Rogner Rock & Coal, and put our train back together for the return trip.

There was a passenger train on the way to Tracy via the Quinn bypass, so we didn't slow down this time to enjoy the city scenery in Tracy. It was all a blur instead.

A short time later we were back in Nowheres, still dry. We managed to avoid the rain today, but will petition management again for a small turntable in Victoria and Nowheres, but I bet the answer is going to be the same as last time:

"It'll be all diesel in a couple years anyways. We don't need no old turntable on this side of town."

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