Monday, September 10, 2018


On a whim I decided tonight to print the Untergroeningen track plan and see what this looks and feels like at full size. I checked accuracy of the print with some turnouts and it's certainly close enough to be usable. The top left corner of the plan is missing because my printer decided to be stupid...

Things to note:

  • Even at 2.80m end to end, the plan feels compressed (which it is). Adding another 30-50cm of track in front of the station building would probably be good, but I'm not going to have the space for that.
  • I'm considering shortening the tail tracks to get longer house tracks, though that's a balancing act with making switching the sawmill track not seriously annoying. In fact, I kind of want longer tail tracks already...
  • Building this as segments with Fremo module heads according to the Puko norm is definitely feasible.
  • Modules would have sufficient room around the tracks and buildings to add some nice rural town scenery.
I need to think about this some more. Nevertheless, this does seem like a feasible project to try out a few new techniques for track construction, and get an usable module set out at the same time.

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