Friday, September 21, 2018

Schnellzug 204

In this film from the 1960's, Deutsche Bundesbahn shows the various kinds of control tower technology in use at that time. Today we'd call this an infotainment film. Lots of Zeitgeist.


Dale said...

Very nice. It is especially interesting to me as I am in the process of making my layout control software emulate the SpDrL60 control desk. Some earlier passes can be seen here:

Bernhard Beck said...

I've been following your software UX updates. Looks very nice. How do you solve the multi-touch problem with a mouse? (hold source button, press destination button)
On my JMRI panels I modified the requirement to press and release source button, then press and release destination button within a couple seconds. That works reasonably well, but the tracking logic makes the state machine more complicated.

Since I have physical push buttons I'm planning to change the logic to "press and hold source, then press destination".