Saturday, September 08, 2018

Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise

We started off a day in the city with a visit of Greenpeace's "Arctic Sunrise". The story of Greenpeace has impressed me ever since I was a teenager, and it was great to tour one of their three ships in person. The Arctic Sunrise is an ice breaker that was used for seal hunting before Greenpeace bought it. Kind of ironic that they managed to actually acquire the ship.

The ship has a modern bridge with multiple radar systems, and is specially equipped for ice navigation.

The Arctic Sunrise can be fully controlled from the crows nest and has a top speed of about 13 knots. The speed boats stored on the main deck can reach speeds of 60 knots.

The main cargo hold has been converted to living quarters, entertainment, and community work space.

A very cool tour of a ship with a mission.

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