Sunday, February 28, 2021

TSG Live Crew Lounge Discussion Panel Technology and Model Railroading

Today I participated in a panel discussion about technology and model railroading. As the panelists we geeked out quite a bit over new approaches to control systems like MQTT and comparing that to LCC and traditional systems like Loconet or CMRI. We also discussed subjects like radio control in garden railroading, DCC, JMRI and some its history, cameras for engineer's point of view and remote operations, or control panel designs and tradeoffs of different approaches. A wide range of topics in a fun discussion with friends.

I sat in the operator pit of the Welztalbahn, but facing the camera instead of Emsingen. This limited space for my arms. You can see a few times in the video that I'm bumping my elbows into the fascia boards around me, while trying to show or explain something... Not ideal, but I like showing the layout at opportunities like this.

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