Sunday, February 07, 2021

Untergroeningen: Locomotive Shed (9)

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This weekend I wanted to make progress on the locomotive shed. I started with sizing out the sidewall for the machine shop behind the shed. I have almost no photos from what the shop looked like in Untergroeningen, but I do have photos of a model of a similar WEG facility, which gave me a better idea of the wood frame pattern used. Sadly, I don't have much space on the module to show much the shop. It will be mostly hidden behind the water tower. I measured the space and cut a template from paper to make sure I got the dimensions right before cutting it from plastic. 

I compared the photo above to a similar perspective at Vergessene Bahnen (bottom of page) and decided that my building is too tall. I knew that before, but it's just too much. So I cut off 6mm brick foundation from the bottom the Auhagen pieces, which is about as much as I can take off before the windows start to look silly. They are still too big compared to the original, but if I wanted to change that, I need to build the whole thing from scratch.

Removing the foundation meant that I had to replace the wall section with the door I made last May and cut a new door opening. Getting the shape of the brick arch above the door right took quite a bit of time. The old section is in the upper right of the photo.

I applied a first wash from thinned Testors Flat Cement for the mortar lines, and let everything dry over night.

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