Saturday, February 13, 2021

Untergroeningen Locomotive Shed (11)

The locomotive shed has large windows and I'm planning to eventually add interior lights and furnish the inside. For that to look nice, I need to add interior walls, so that the rear side of the Auhagen panels and the window plastic is hidden away. I used the outside wall as template to scribe the outline of the wall and the window openings on 1/8" styrene sheet.

I scribed the lines deeper along a metal edge and cut an X into the window openings to snap off the inside pieces. I cleaned up the edge with the Xacto knife and emory board. 

The view from the "inside" with the windows loosely put in place is coming out exactly as I had hoped for. The 1/8" sheet is thick enough that you can see the inside ledge of the wall through the window from the outside.

With one wall finished, I made the second wall the same way. Now that I was confident in what I was doing this went much faster.

I'm planning to paint the inside wall a dusty off-white. Will need to take a look at my paint stash for a good color match tomorrow.

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