Sunday, February 21, 2021

Untergroeningen Locomotive Shed (14)

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In the last couple days I focused on the roof and adding some building details. I cut the Auhagen corrugated roof pieces to size, added gutters I made from U-profile ABS, and primed the lot with Tamiya primer.

I used old PollyScale CSX Gray to paint the roof. The paint reacted with the primer and produced a nice irregular weathering pattern. I decided to leave that and followed up with a light application of gray and light brown weathering powders. A strip of 0.060 x 0.080 Evergreen styrene covered with a strip of 0.010 x 0.125 styrene works well as roof ridge.

Next I turned my attention to the roof of the machine shop. After test fitting on the module, I decided that cutting the roof at an angle to line up with the backdrop as originally planned is not necessary and I could cut the roof edge at the long wall of the shed.

Then it was time to face the fact that the wall I made for the machine shop is too short. Close review of the prototype photos confirms that the wall should go all the way up to the wooden part of the water tower. I did not want to redo this part of the model and decided to work around the problem.

I needed to close the gap between the top of the separation wall and the roof. The triangular wall piece I glued to the separation wall is somewhat visible in the photo below.

Finally, the machine shop roof is in place.

I added first details, like gutters, flashing, and faceboards. I'm getting tired of working on this model, so this is good enough for now and I'm turning my attention to a very different project area.

The locomotive shed is now planted on the Untergroeningen module. Some more work is needed around the foundation, so that the building is not floating above ground. I also need to add steps for the side doors.

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