Friday, February 12, 2021

Untergroeningen Locomotive Shed (10)

[ part 9 ]

As I was messing around with the mortar wash I decided that the red plastic base was just too red to get the colors I was after during weathering, so off to the paint booth I went and airbrushed the wall panels and water tower. 

I used Vallejo 71.037 as the base, and a light overspray with 71.033. The latter was completely pointless, as you will see in a minute, but looked nice in the paint booth. The insets of the water tower will be brush-painted with PollyScale Mud at a later time.

Then I went to town with washes to create an uneven and varied look for the bricks. I used washes from Mud, Flat Cement, Red, Orange, and Light Rust, starting with 50:50 color to water, and a bit more watery as the experiments went on.

I also varied techniques along the way. At first I wiped off the wet washes of the horizontal panels to get more definition of the mortar lines. Next I let the washes sit for longer periods of time before wiping off. I was not too happy with the results after wiping, due to too much streaking, and too much color ending up in the paper towel. I switched to dabbing on various washes in a camouflage pattern, and carefully picking up the excess with a  paper towel. For the next variation I dabbed on some wash, and moved the panel around so that the wash flows over the surface, creating more varied patterns and color intensities.
Finally, I went over everything with the mud wash again to bring out the mortar lines and "drained" the wash towards the lower side of the panel.

I repeated the same process on the water tower. Finally, I applied a light dusting of PanPastels Light Rust with a makeup sponge to get a slightly warmer brick color. Here's the result on the Untergroeningen module. Next I should use color pencils to mark individual bricks in different colors. I might do that at a later time.

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