Sunday, February 14, 2021

Untergroeningen Locomotive Shed (12)

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With the window openings cut on the interior walls yesterday, I started today with spray painting the walls a nice faded, yellowish offwhite color.

I mixed this from 12 parts white, 3 parts grey, and 1 part yellow. The airbrush helped with creating the uneven, slighly messy look I was after.

I glued the windows into the walls using Testor's Clear Parts Cement, carefully aligned the interior walls, and glued those as well. A few bottles of paint help keeping everything aligned.

While the glue set on the walls, I painted the inset walls of the water tower in PollyScale Mud. I also painted the wood beams of the shop walls in dark brown, stained the wooden top of the water tower, and painted and installed the side doors.

Next up was building the roof trusses to support the roof. Since I need at least 4 trusses, I made a simple jig from styrene. The trusses are built from Evergreen 0.060 x 0.080 styrene strip.

I temporarily set up the walls and put the trusses in place to get an idea what it looks like. ... Yep. Looking good.

It's a pity that the trusses will be barely visible when the locomotive shed is installed on the module.

The plan so far was to keep the building removable and build walls, water tower, and roof into a single unit. I'm now contemplating to make the roof removable separately. I have a some time before I need to decide that. The large windows and the large door opening allow bystanders a look into the building in any case.

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