Sunday, November 03, 2013

Emsingen freight shed walls ... scratch-built

I spent the evening on completing the wall sections for the freight shed. It took a considerable amount of time to cut the openings for the doors in the new walls without breaking the walls. I also built the actual doors, but didn't make them movable. Finally, the new walls got multiple coats of paint. An airbrush would make this a lot easier and quicker...

The upper walls is track-side and not touched yet. The lower wall will be facing the street, and has the door opening cut already, as well as a first coat of paint.

2.5 hours later: The street side now has the door built installed. The track side wall has the opening cut.
I'm using fairly heavy sheet styrene as the base of the walls. It's what I had available in the right size. The boards for the siding are Evergreen #2100 V-Groove,  .100" spacing, .020" thick laminated on the base. The doors are made from the same material, and laminated with Evergreen #103 .010 x .060" strip styrene. ... yes, those are 0.25mm thin.

Another hour later: All walls have the third coat of paint. The doors are done, and I'm getting close to done with this part. Track-side on top, street-side at bottom.
The color of the boards almost matches the color of the plastic kit. Once I add some patina it should all blend together, and tone down the sheen of the plastic sections from the kit as well.

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