Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome to the Pacific North-West

Willamette Valley in the rain

Yup, the time penalty is impressive. I'm on the train for 24 hours to get from San Jose to Seattle. This is not a trip you take if you are in a hurry, or want to travel cheap. The respective 2 hour air-plane ride costs quite a bit less than the sleeper accommodation on the train, and is significantly faster. Even taking a car is faster.

Either way, this is not the point. I like this mode of travel. It's a lot more relaxing than driving, and significantly more friendly than flying with all its security madness.

I saw some stunning scenery today as we crossed the Cascades between Klamath Falls and Eugene. I got work done. And I had nice chats, good food, and drinks. What else can you ask for?

As I'm writing this dinner reservations are made. It's raining since we got into Willamette Valley. Welcome to the Pacific North-West. We're rolling into Portland and are about 39 minutes late, yet arrival time for Seattle is still estimated to be 50 minutes early.

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