Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pondering Options

The freight shed put in place in Emsingen
So far, so good. I like how this is coming out.

Things to ponder:
  • How far do I extend the foundation of the building to the track and the street?
    For the street side I'll follow the kit and make the loading dock a cantilevered wood construction. For the track side I'll do something similar, but pull the building foundation close to the track with only a little bit overhang. Since the track is not perfectly straight I need to make the loading doc follow the track contours.
  • What foundation material?
    Initially I thought I'd build a concrete foundation directly beneath the building, but now I'm leaning towards a cut stone look, ideally with stones sized similarly to the station building, and pull it out to the edge of the loading dock platform towards the station building and the rear. Need to stop by the Train Shop and see what they have available for that.
  • Extend the loading dock on either side?
    I'll leave it as is on the street side, but I might add an extension made from "concrete" that extends into the curve to the right of the boxcar.
  • Roof material and shape?
    I can't quite decide between a tarpaper-like roof, and proper roofing material like on the station building. Currently leaning towards scratch-built tarpaper imitation.
  • Any stairs or ladders?
    Concrete stairs on the trackside next to the end of track, as well as the rear of the building. Wooden ladder or stairs on the street side.
  • Where to put lights?
    Put LEDs or small bulbs under the eaves of the roof in two locations on both sides along the length of the building. Maybe above the doors?
  • Anything for the interior?
    I'm planning to build a shadow box for the track side door with limited visibility into the building. I might model a small office behind the window facing the station building.
In parallel, I'm starting to review what the area between freight shed and city is going to look like, where I need streets, as well as think about the street side of the station building. Wrapping that up will allow me to put basic scenery in place, close the ugly hole beneath the city, and figure out what additional buildings I need to build for Emsingen city.

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