Thursday, November 28, 2013

Refreshed Talheim Tower

This is the well-known Kibri kit of "Stellwerk Marbach". The kit has been produced since 1961 (!) and production stopped only recently, so it's still widely available in stores and online. My Dad had it on our layout in Germany and it was among the buildings I rescued before taking the layout apart.

The building was in somewhat sorry state (here's a picture from last year), and badly needed a refresh. Brick and wood parts were painted and I made signs. The whole building got a do-over with Bragdon powder paints. I also cut off the plastic lamp imitations, and replaced the one above the stairs with an N-scale Miniatronics 1.5V lamp with shade.

Given how old the kit is, I'm quite pleased with this refresh.

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CHRistIAN said...

Das ist aber fein geworden! Was so eine Reha-Kur doch bewirken kann!