Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marc Cohn at Villa Montalvo

We went to see Marc Cohn at the Carriage House at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. This concert was a reschedule from early this year. I love this venue because it's really small and you get to see the artists up close. Our seats were in the last row, and look how close to the stage we still are.

This was a small setup with only keyboard and percussion to support Marc on piano and guitar. Great music, and quite entertaining. Somewhat to our surprise the concert was rather short, and we walked out of the theatre barely 90 minutes after the show started. We had a good time nevertheless.

The wide-angle lens on my Nexus 5 smartphone makes the stage appear smaller in the photo than it was in real life. I could have zoomed in a bit to reflect reality. The light situation overwhelmed the image processing in the phone so photo quality is rather sad. :-)


The Scarecrow said...

Concert photos on smart phone are notoriously difficult- in my photos of Lindsey Buckingham he looks like a ghost;-)
Thanks for the views, was checking to see how it looks for Jimmy Webb next Feb.

Bernhard Beck said...

I like this venue a lot. It's very intimate and the artist can connect with the audience. Have fun at the show.