Friday, August 28, 2015

National Train Show

The National Train Show took place at the Portland Expo Center at the very end of the MAX Yellow Line. When I took MAX to get there shortly after 9am, it seemed like that either everyone was there already, or not taking light rail.

The Train Show occupied two halls at the Expo center. A large fraction of the space was taken up by modular layouts. All the big US manufacturers, as well as many small manufacturers, were present at the show along with the usual magazines and organizations.

The halls are spacious, and I heard two large modular layouts canceled on short notice, so there was quite a bit of open space.

LaBaJa Model Railway Group from Edmonton brought a fun layout to watch with lots of action, and it appeared they were actually operating it, instead of just running trains around in a circle.

This friendly lady used the fully functional portal crane to trans-load containers between the facility, well cars, and trucks.

The Imperial Oil head office employs several technical draftsmen, and we can watch them work.

Four FreeMo-N modular groups combined their modules to one large layout. It took a passenger train over one hour to traverse the whole layout.

Here are some detail shots.

Maintenance facility. Someone is welding in the building.
Amtrak in Small Town USA
Long bridges are fun
There was also a good-sized FreeMo HO layout, "Coldslap" from Chiliwack, BC. I just now realized I didn't take any photos of their very nice yard and engine facility.

I very much liked this diorama of a logging railroad somewhere in the West.

Here's a switching layout in TT scale built into a guitar case at the TTnut table. Neat idea.

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Very cool! Sorry I missed it. Maybe next time. :)