Saturday, August 29, 2015

The end of the trip

Once the clinics concluded early in the afternoon I had some time to kill and figured I can photograph the south-bound Coast Starlight as it passes by the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.

Ooooh, they have RSD-5! And so nicely restored. Neat.

I was surprised to find this much NPR rolling stock in Oregon. Here's a "Sharknose"

The joy and pride of the Heritage Center is SP Daylight 4449, which is currently undergoing major restauration and maintenance. The tender is parked outside.

Inside the engine house, work is in full swing.

With 10 minutes to go to the (delayed) departure of the Coast Starlight, this UP freight pulls up on the siding, blocking the view of the main line, and all railroad crossings in the vicinity. There goes my departure photo. Sigh. Oh well...

One small detour I did make was to Whistle Stop Trains in East Portland.

All week, the weather has been great, but as I'm leaving Whistle Stop Trains, it's raining cats and dogs. By the time I'm getting on the freeway to the airport, the sun is out again.

At the airport I dropped off the car, and made my way to the terminal. Where is everybody?

After killing time at the terminal I catch my flight home.

I'm bristling with ideas,  met many great people, operated on two fantastic layouts, and took away lots of inspiration. What a great week!

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