Friday, August 28, 2015

LDC dock

While that south-bound freight was still leaving Albina Yard, we took MAX down to the Rose Quarter/Interstate station to catch the Blue Line back to the convention hotel. On a whim I decided to take a few more photos of the Steel Bridge in daylight.

Walking towards the Steel Bridge we cross over the mainline. The freight is still leaving town (yes, they are not exactly going fast here...) Henry points out that little critter switching cars at the Louis Dreyfus Corp (LDC) grain facility.

What little critter? Oh, THAT little critter.

The tracks here are packed really tight next to the main line. And they even have a ballon track going around the silos with a radius that would make any toy train proud.

What a neat prototype for a small, totally prototypical switching layout including rail-marine operations.


scott said...

the flanges must be really squeeling when they pass through that tight a radius neat photos thanks for sahring

Bernhard Beck said...

I would have loved to see them pull a couple grain cars around the curve. The flanges of the Trackmobile already made quite a racket.