Sunday, August 16, 2015


It's interesting what writing up your thoughts can do. One hour ago I went into the train room and stared at the industry tracks in Talheim.

"I wonder ... what if I just tried this out right now? ..."

I disconnected track pieces, pulled the cables for the curved turnout, dug through my remaining supply of sectional track and a little while later I was well on the way.

Here is the new arrangement, built from sectional track, which turned out not too shabby, though when I'll build this permanently I'll use flextrack in the area where the white tank car sits to get a light easement and reduce some of the kinks in the inner curve, as well as remove that short straight piece.

As expected, the end of the Koef track moved about one inch away from Kopper, and fortunately I could arrange it so that the location of the Koef turnout didn't change much. I should be able to deal with this and still fit in the gardens.

The new track doesn't come out into the aisle as much as I expected. I can handle this with some thin plywood under track and a small filer piece in the fascia. No major surgery needed. The road tunnel portal came off easily and intact.

This is good enough so that I can try switching Talheim with this new arrangement and see if it gets me the improved flow I'm hoping for.

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