Friday, October 14, 2016

Emsingen: The current state

This shot is impossible to do once the segment is installed in the layout. We're standing "in" the roundhouse and look North towards the freight shed.
I took the Emsingen station segment outside to document the state after last night's green thumb action. This is obviously still very much a work in progress. Many details are missing. Especialy, the outbuilding and the freight shed are only partially finished.

Another "impossible later" shot. We're in the backdrop looking East from the forest to the front of the station building
The real grass acts as stand-in for the trees that will populate the hill to hide the descending main line to Talheim. Undergrowth and shrubs are already in place.
Looking out of the window from the corner house in Emsingen towards the maintenance facility and the roundhouse south of the station.

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