Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Emsingen: Painting the Streets

Time to paint the walls and roads. I moved the segment back into the train room, so that I can try and get a close match to the existing colors. This is complicated by the wet-in-wet painting technique I use, made worse by using weathering powder on the road. I.e. no consistency and if I'd get anywhere near a match, I'll be lucky.

The segments line up nicely. I first painted the walls, which was as frustrating as expected, and then banged out the street in a hurry so that I'll get to the pickup at school in time.

Finally, once everything was dry, I hit the road with weathering powder. The sidewalks are a bit dark. I'l try to lighten them up tomorrow.

I got somewhat close to the colors on the city segment, but the ground color on the maintenance segment is very different. I will accentuate this difference with fence and gate separating the restricted maintenance area from the passenger station, and call it a day.

While things dried in Emsingen, I fixed a turnout that had a bad servo, and did some more basic maintenance around the layout. In my stash I found N-scale fencing that fits perfectly for the restroom ventilation openings in the outbuilding.

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