Sunday, October 09, 2016

Emsingen: Terradetailing

I applied my usual mix of plaster and vermiculite over the pink foam to have a smooth, yet slightly flexible surface to work with. I took the segment to the layout room a couple times to test the fit with the city segment.

The path from the city to the station is taking shape, too, but the step at the end is too high for the stairs I intended to use, so I build additional steps from strip styrene and used the block of stairs as template.

I added the retaining wall and worked over the whole scene with Scuptamold.

When everything is dry tomorrow, I can paint the hill and add basic ground cover. I do need a resupply of 3x8 wood strips which I like to use to simulate cut stone along the top row of the wall.

I also prepped the road surfaces already and will try to match the color of the wall on the city segment. This might be a challenge since the wall was painted with various shades of acrylic paints using a "wet in wet" technique.

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