Monday, October 10, 2016

Emsingen: The streets

I wanted to accomplish a couple things with the roadside area of the Emsingen station: An access road to the station (obviously, duh!), the access for the maintenance facility, as well as passenger infrastructure such as a bus stop, parking spaces, and a drop off space. If possible, I was dreaming of a traffic island with street lights, a road crossing, and flower pots.
That's a lot to ask from the rather awkward space I have available. Nevertheless, a little while later I had a reasonable outline of the road arrangement penciled on the baseboard.

I tested the arrangement with a couple cars and a bus, made corrections, and transferred the shapes of the sidewalks to a sheet of paper.

Finally, the sidewalks were cut from a 0.080" styrene sheet. The shadows from the afternoon sun nicely accentuates the sidewalks.

When I scratchbuilt the freight shed three years ago, I put the ramp for combustible goods ("Feuerrampe") on the station side of the shed. I was never really happy with that arrangement (part of the reason why I left the shed alone since), and with the new road arrangement (and the planking I installed years ago), it really doesn't work at all.

So the Feuerrampe became history. Knife and cutoff disk got rid of it quickly.

I cleaned up the edges, and reused some of parts I just cut off to close the gap. With some paint you won't be able to tell that it didn't start out like this.

Yep, much better. There will likely be a ramp for combustible goods on the other side of the shed as a separate loading spot on the same track, which provides for some variety during operations.

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