Friday, October 07, 2016

Emsingen: Terraforming

I glued the pink foam sheets yesterday. When I came back from DCC Lunch today, I hit them with rasp and knife in the side yard starting to form a hill.

First test fitting. Not quite there there yet, but the contour is starting to look the way I want.

After another round of cutting and rasping it's getting very close. I need to cut back the outcropping at the top near the road a bit more.
Next I'll use a small batch of my ground goop to even out gaps and imperfections and fill in that step on the right hand side to match the shape of the hill on the city segment. There will be a crosswalk next to the house on the corner and a paved path with some stairs leading down to the station area. The access road needs to be leveled up next. Once these segment connections are in place, I can take the segment to the work bench, then scenic and wire it in a more comfortable setting.

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