Thursday, October 06, 2016

Emsingen: Station area

There hasn't been much construction activity in Emsingen since I built the outbuilding last December. While the outbuilding is still not finished, and other tasks piqued my interest in the meantime, I'm now coming back to the Emsingen station area.

I need to place three major buildings: The main station building, the freight shed, and the administration building. The locations of station building and freight shed are fixed due to the track layout. The outbuilding needs to be near the main station building, so it's going to stay where it's at.

I've moved the administration building around quite a bit, but keep finding that the location in the left rear corner of the space works best. I'm pushing the building as far back as I can to keep space for a small bus terminal in front of the station, as well as the respective road infrastructure.

The right rear corner of the space pulls double duty: Transition landscaping from the town on the upper level to the station area, and hide the track along the back wall, so that trains leaving Emsingen station simply disappear out of sight, instead of entering yet another tunnel.

The station area boards are removable, so I can build and detail most of this at the work bench. I started by cutting pink foam for the landscape transition in the right corner. That is now glued down and will see some terraforming action tomorrow.

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