Saturday, October 29, 2016

Emsingen: Testing, testing

Between the cake adventures and other commitments --- like errrm, spending time with your kids ---I'm making very slow progress on the lights at Emsingen station. I used LEDcalc to figure out arrangement and proper resistor value for the Miniatronics N scale 1.5V bulbs with shades. I decided on 1.2V voltage drop across each light, at 30mA current, and 12V DC power supply voltage. With two strings of 3 lights in series this worked out to a 330Ohm resistor. The lights are a bit dim, and might look better with a 220Ohm resistor since 1.2V drop on a 1.5V bulb is really not that bright. However, this will work as a nice contrast with the modern lights on the street side of the station.

I made a power distribution bar and will mount it inside the building so that it can be accessed easily, but is still hidden away. The Faller bulbs are rated 16V, but I run them with 12V to get a nice warm light for the detailed interiors and shining through the fake curtain paper mask.

Testing was successful. Now I can clean up the wiring, mount he power distribution, close the building and move on to the other two buildings waiting for lights.

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