Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday: Brig

Coffee in hand I wander along Bahnhofsstrasse towards old town and the market place. It's Sunday, so of course all stores are closed and the town is rather quiet.

I'm surprised by what a neat town it is.

I especially liked the very old part around the Stockalper Palace from the 17th century.

The palace museum was closed, but the courtyard was open.

There are a couple stage coaches on display that give an idea of the rather onerous ways to travel before trains and later cars made the mountains much more accessible.

This extra seat doesn't look like a fun place to be in the winter or rain.

From Stockalper Palace I walked back towards the station. It turned out I had missed quite a few neat corners when I walked to the palace, so I had to look around some more and of course take photos. I felt like the proverbial Japanese visitor to Europe...

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