Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday: Muenster - Brig

It's almost noon. The winter sun doesn't raise that high over the mountains, and even in the middle of the day, a good part of the upper Rhone valley lies in deep shade. The rhythm of station stop and following the curves of the rail line continues. Occasionally interrupted by tunnels, railroad crossings, or other excitement.

I was very impressed by this suspension bridge in Fürgangen-Bellwald

Hängebrücke über Rotten
The train is winding its way down the hill towards Fiesch, proudly announced by the gondola over town.

In Fiesch there's another meet, the schedule is back on time, so we stick around here for only a couple minutes.

I knew from the route information nicely maintained at all window sills of the train that the Grengiols viaduct is the highest bridge between Andermatt and Brig, but I didn't know where exactly the bridge is located, so when this nice curved viaduct came up I figured that must be it.

Laxgraben Bruecke
It turns out, it wasn't.

The Grengiols viaduct is between the lower exit of the Grengiols Kehrtunnel and Grengiols station. Good thing I took a photo of that bridge, too, just before the line starts its decent into the valley in a 270 degree turn inside Grengiols tunnel. Yep, that train in the station is waiting for us!

Grengiols Bruecke as seen from the train
From Grengiols the line continues to loose elevation, and it didn't take long until we reached the outskirts of Brig.

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