Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday: Kandersteg

Kandersteg station has the control tower right on the platform at track 1. However, it appears the big control table is no longer in use. Instead, everything's controlled via computers in a back room. Here's the line diagram schedule. This photo was taken through two windows and blinds, so unfortunately it's hard to make out train indications. However, I believe the rather tight column of red lines in the middle of the screen represents the auto transport trains traversing through the Loetschberg tunnel.

As soon as the sun disappears behind the mountains, it gets cold. I didn't want to stand here for another 30 minutes until the RegioExpress to Bern was due, so I decided to take the RE 4275 through the Loetschberg tunnel to Goppenstein, where I'd have about 5 minutes to get to the other platform for the return trip and on to Bern.

While waiting for the RegioExpress, this KLV train with double-header DB class 185 barrels through the station at speed.

One Re 4/4 was parked on track 4 for the whole time I was hanging out in Kandersteg.

A few minutes before my train was due a crew walked up to the locomotive, fired it up, and started to assemble yet another auto transport train. Note the cool arrangement of the cab door.

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You are one lucky guy!