Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday: Goppenstein - Zurich

15:54. Back in Goppenstein at the south portal of the Loetschberg tunnel. It takes 15 minutes to get here from Kandersteg. RegionalExpress RE 4275 continues to Brig and I walk over to the platform at track 1.

The car loading facilities in Goppenstein are much more cramped than in Kandersteg.

I did not expect that the northbound platform would be crowded with skiers.  The platform is quite narrow, so I was a bit concerned for safety, but everybody behaved really orderly and paid attention.

16:02. RE 4276 arrives in Goppenstein on time. The engineer approaches the platform slower than normal. He's just as careful as the skiers outside.

Getting on the train in Goppenstein was a great idea. I got to traverse the Loetschberg tunnel three times within the same day, ... and I got a seat for the trip to Bern. Everyone getting on in Kandersteg ended up standing or sitting on the floor. There were a lot of people on this train.

I thought the advertisement was really funny.
After Kandersteg we loose elevation quickly. The snow is gone. I watch the country side on the way to Frutigen, Spietz, and on to Bern.

17:20.  Arrival in Bern. Crowds everywhere.

Intercity IC 1 727 to Zurich and St. Gallen is ready, but of course also crowded.

17:32. I walk to the end of the train, take this excellent photo, and find a seat.

18:32. Arrival in Zurich HB.

18:37. I take S8 to Bahnhof Enge.

18:43. Back where I started, 11 hours later. This was an amazing day. I should do something like this again.

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